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Teucrium fruticans (Bush Germander) - Buy Cold Climate Plants Online Tablelands Nurseries

Teucrium fruticans (Bush Germander)

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A small, evergreen shrub with interlacing branches, clad in silvery-grey, woolly foliage. In spring and summer, small clusters of lavender-blue flowers appear. A hardy shrub for moist sites, ideal for providing foliage contrast. Makes a wonderful low hedge. Prefers a sunny to partly shaded position in well drained soil. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain compact growth. Cultivate soil before planting. Dig hole twice the width of the container. Remove plant from container and place into hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground.

 Botanic Name : Teucrium fruticans
Common Name : Bush Germander
Growth Type : Shrub
Water Use : Low
Aspect : Full sun/semi-shade
Height : 1.5m
Spread : 1.5m