Scleranthus biflorus
Scleranthus biflorus

Scleranthus biflorus

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A really hardy spreading evergreen which grows wild in the paddocks of our property. A good alternative to moss but far, far hardier to drought conditions. It is a beautiful mossy ground cover for a sunny position, forming a green mound.

Originally from the alpine regions of Australia. It needs a sunny position, but with adequate water in summer and will  not maintain its compact habit in shade. Excellent as groundcover in pots, a good bonsai substitute and great low groundcover in dry rockery or even xeroscape situations.

 Botanic Name : Scleranthus biflorus
Common Name : Canberra Grass, Two flowered Knawel
Growth Type : groundcover
Water Use : Moderate
Aspect :  Full sun
Height : 5cm
Spread : 40cm