Salvia sclarea 'Clary Sage'
Salvia sclarea 'Clary Sage'

Salvia sclarea 'Clary Sage'

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Clary Sage has huge, hairy, wrinkly, gorgeous leaves topped with Large branching clouds of flowers with shades of pink-lilac-cream, billow up from mid spring right through summer. As the blooms are actually made up of bracts, they are wonderfully long lasting and weather hardy, even in the hottest times.
Salvia sclarea is spectacularly pretty but iron tough.  Clary Sage is a self-seeding biennial. It will reliably seed itself into the garden each year, to provide plenty of new plants each year, as long as you leave a head or two to go to seed each autumn. It is not hard to weed out if it volunteers in the wrong place.

 Botanic Name : Salvia sclarea
Common Name : Clary Sage
Growth Type : biennial
Water Use : Low
Aspect : Full sun/light shade
Height : 90-120cm
Spread : 120-180cm