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Ribes odoratum (Clove Currant)
Ribes odoratum (Clove Currant)

Ribes odoratum (Clove Currant)

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A deciduous shrub with attractive leaves and bunches of small, black, red or white berries that are delicious. The fruit is excellent when used in jellies, jams or for juicing. This handsome shrub is often used as a small hedge around vegetable gardens. It is important to prune heavily in the winter when older wood should be cut back hard, leaving shoots approx 10cm to bear the following seasons crop.

 Botanic Name : Ribes odoratum
Common Name : Clove Currant
Growth Type : Deciduous Shrub
Water Use : Medium
Aspect : Full sun/Semi-shade
Height : 1.8-2.4m
Spread : 1.8-2.4m