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Grevillea rosmarinifolia
Grevillea rosmarinifolia

Grevillea rosmarinifolia

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Grevillea rosmarinifolia is a popular, cultivated Grevillea providing a dense and bushy evergreen foliage display contrasted by short racemes of very pretty red spidery flowers. The foliage is spiky (narrowly eliptical) are arranged alternately along the stems, similar to Culinary Rosemary (from which it takes its species name), though more pointed leaves. Each leaf is also glossy green on top and a downy grey/green underneath. 

The spectacular red to pink flowers are compact  and are usually produced in spring, with further flushes throughout the year, attracting birds and bees to the garden.

 It is moderately frost hardy and drought tolerant.

 Botanic Name : Grevillea rosmarinifolia
Common Name : Rosemary Grevillea
Growth Type : Evergreen Shrub
Water Use : Low
Aspect : Full Sun
Height : 0.4-2.0m
Spread : 1.5m