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Delphinium Pacific Giant (Mixed Colours)

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Delphinium Pacific Giants are tall flowering Delphinium stems with large flowers. The flowers open at the top of straight stems, over leafy, lobed foliage. Delphinium Pacific Giants have some of the largest Delphinium florets around. A single floret can stretch up to 7cm across. The spikes open from the base to the tip. Their colours are vivid and have to be seen to be believed. The purples and blues have a depth and clarity to them that isn’t often seen in blooms. In contrast with bees they stand out even more. The white flowers of Delphinium Pacific Giants are sleek and elegant. The pink spikes are pure romance.

Botanic Name : Delphinium Pacific Giant
Common Name : Larkspur
Growth Type : Perennial
Water Use : Low
Aspect : Full Sun/Semi-shade
Height : 1.5m
Spread : 1.5m