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Antirrhinum (Pink Snow) - Buy Cold Climate Plants Online Tablelands Nurseries

Antirrhinum (Pink Snow)

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This delightful little plant has cascades of soft pink flowers that pour out of the mat of velvety grey leaves. It is a small grower reaching a height of 20-30cm. It is a frost hardy plant that likes full sun and good drainage, though it will benefit from summer watering. Pink Snow is a part of an underrated group of plants, the Perennial Snapdragons. They are very popular in Europe where most gardeners will have some growing. Pink Snow is a cultivar from the UK that was imported by Clive Larkman in the late nineties. Pink Snow looks great in a hanging basket, a patio tub by itself or as a base planting for a standard Lavender. It also works well in rockery especially if it is interplanted with its close cousin Asarina 'Lemon Shuffle' or in a hanging basket with its other close relative, Antirrhinum 'Avalanche'. An annual prune and a medium fed with Osmocote in spring and early autumn will give best results.

 Botanic Name : Antirrhinum roseum 
Common Name : Antirrhinum 'Pink Snow'
Growth Type : Perennial 
Water Use : Low
Aspect : Full sun
Height : 20-30cm
Spread : 20-30cm